Keep Kids Drug Free

A good site with a number of activities and resources for parents, youth and parents and youth together.
Materials and current media campaigns.
Very good site with resources and ideas for parents and communities.
Aims to educate the public about thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications, many of which have the potential to cause serious side effects.
Good alcohol information and recovery information. Self tests available..
General information and treatment guidance.
Lots of information. Good for parents, employers, educators, families and youth.
Information for both professionals and lay people. Offers Surgeon General’s reports.
Numerous resources, training events and media campaigns
Family information. Parenting information.
Red Ribbon updates and How To information. Safe Homes program.
Above The Influence. Advertising. Good information
Information for families and students. Hot Topics an excellent section.
Video resources/products
Wide variety of publications, advocacy issues/opportunities and news releases
excellent information especially for parents and mentors

“Let’s Talk…”
Good youth/community site. Good effort to join and be a part of.
Florida’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse organization. Web site offers updated information, resource library and directory of treatment programs
Terrific substance abuse information/activities/links
Resources for Volusia and Flagler counties
good resources for parents, teachers, communities
terrific opportunities for youth
good information for How to get involved or assist in a Parents/Teachers organization
good drug information
Site for International PRIDE programs for youth
American Academy of Pediatricians. Good basic information for parents
Good information for ethnic youth and indigenous minorities
Some tips and guidelines for parenting teens on a number of issues, including alcohol and other drugs

Additional links for mentors/ educators/ community activists:
some EXCELLENT ideas and plans
Informed Families
tips for communities/parents
youth crime watch… good related information/activities/how to join
excellent information on volunteering and community service
Arizona affiliate
Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association - Florida - Florida
Suicide prevention websites

Video Playlist
Matrix Model Family Education Program videos