Keep Kids Drug Free


Our communities tell us a lot when we just stop and pay attention. By driving “around town” you can get a feel for the philosophy of a place, the self image a community is projecting. You can tell what a town thinks about!

The environment created by a community is either positive or negative. Parts of a town might be positive and parts might be negative.

Things to look for so you can better understand your town and see if the environment of a place is helping to promote negative behavior or positive.

  • Is the area neat and tidy? Is trash picked up, old junk autos towed, fences mended?
  • Graffiti: are walls, fences, storefronts free of unwanted or negative graffiti?
  • Are liquor stores near schools? Churches and other places of worship?
  • Are there ample parks and green spaces for children and family? Are they maintained?
  • Are there public spaces for sports?
  • Does a community support the arts? Are their museums, theaters, art galleries?
  • Is the infrastructure maintained? Roads kept up… trees planted/trimmed?

Looking a little deeper you can see:

  • Are schools safe? Neat?
  • Is there a good law enforcement presence? What are the local standards regarding underage drinking or drug use?
  • Is there evidence of serious poverty? Rundown neighborhoods?
  • Are there lots of civic organizations… or few?
  • Do convenience stores have a reputation for selling beer and tobacco products to minors?

All of these things, and many more, are the environment of a community. Signals that the community is struggling or succeeding are obvious once you know how to look at your town. Environmental factors heavily influence behaviors.

environmental factors